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Have you been directly affected by the national social housing shortage? If so, you should continue reading to find out more about hatch. Accelerator, a social housing manufacturer that is making a significant societal impact. As the UK’s housing crisis worsens, and the sheer level of demand for social housing developments increases, we have come up with an innovative solution to the problem. As the premium social housing manufacturer on the market, we have pioneered a self-supporting, multi-storey modular housing system that adheres too Affordable Housing specifications.

Discover hatch. Accelerator’s social housing solution

Across the UK there is an acute lack of affordable, social housing options available on the market to keep up with the growing demand level, thus resulting in a severe housing shortage. You may be wondering what we have done, as a company to make us the premium social housing manufacturer? Here at hatch. Accelerator, we have developed and curated a standardised product that is highly unique to the industry, which provides affordable housing, for everyone from all walks of life.

You will be delighted to hear that we are wholeheartedly committed to providing affordable social housing for all. In fact, all of our accommodation conforms to the National Described Space Standards. Our well-established multi-storey development projects offer bespoke yet affordable residential apartment blocks that use simple, repeatable componentry to produce a multitude of layouts for all forms of tenure.

What makes us the one and only social housing manufacturer that you need? Over the last ten years, our innovative residential modular system has evolved dramatically, revolutionising the industry’s approach to modular housing. With a self-supporting eight storey system, as well as line-loaded walls, you can achieve a mix of apartments within one block. Using the advanced modular home, design system, CliCs, we can produce ultra-competitively priced residential homes, promptly and efficiently.

Additionally, all hatch. Accelerator work is completed offsite and delivered together, meaning that there are no delays and a significant reduction in site noise and waste in comparison to traditional construction alternatives – another reason why we should be your social housing manufacturer of choice.

Funding for hatch. Accelerator housing

Here at hatch. Accelerator, we are working with a number of major institutions and financiers, to make it possible for communities to find the funding they need, through different funding schemes. With affordable homes only representing approximately 20% of all residential properties in the UK, the need for cheaper alternatives is well and truly of paramount importance to our society.

This chronic and abundant shortage of affordable homes, throughout many parts of the country, is now widely recognised as a substantial social and political issue. As a company we are seeking to assist with this issue and enable the supply of homes through the funding provision, helping clients to access funding to purchase our affordable and cost-effective products.

If you are a member of a community that has been affected by the housing shortage crisis and are looking to take back control, we are here to help make this possible. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and helpful team by calling +44 (0) 3300 535 696. The team will be more than happy to discuss any questions or queries you may have about our social housing manufacturer service.

Why should you chose hatch. Accelerator as your social housing manufacturer?

With affordable housing only accounting for 20% of all residential homes in the UK, many young, old and low-income families are facing a daunting time. However, we are entirely focused on solving the housing shortage that has consistently plagued the UK’s housing market for many years, coming up with a dynamic and cost-effective solution.

Our tried and tested modular homes are the solution the housing market has needed – providing a better, more efficient alternative to traditional in-situ forms of construction. Our revolutionary method of construction decreases build times, by presenting a digitally designed, precision manufactured, standardised housing product. With our full capabilities at your disposal, when choosing our services, you will wonder why you never chose our company before.

In addition to providing affordable homes, we also assist in the creation of apprenticeships and jobs, from manufacturing modular homes to working on the local assembly line in our factories, we can help you. One of the key drivers behind us a company is our determination to create local, skilled jobs alongside the supply of dynamic, homes. As a key principle objective, embedded in our ethos, we want to create jobs through local manufacturing, pop up factories.

As a result of our revolutionary approach to modular social housing, we’ve established hatch. Accelerator as having the following benefits:

  • Decreased cost of delivering schemes for any enterprise
  • Reduced programme duration
  • Increased consistency and enhance quality
  • Improved safety standards
  • Heightened sustainability standards
  • Standardised product for cap-ex and op-ex efficiency

You’re in experts hands by choosing hatch. Accelerator – so what are you waiting for, give us a call!

Still dubious about our dynamic modular buildings and residential homes? Then why not have a browse through our FAQ page, where you can find the most frequently asked questions that we often get asked.

Additionally, to keep up to date with all things hatch. Accelerator, you need to follow our news page. As a company we are incredibly proud of our work and effort to make a real societal impact, so we regularly post articles and engaging information here.


If you or your community has been directly affected by the social housing shortage, contact our friendly and reputable team today, to receive more information about our affordable, residential modular homes. You can also email us at or fill out our simple online form that can be found on our easily navigable website. We’ll endeavour to get back to you as soon as we can.