Prefab Buildings

Prefab Buildings

Widely associated with the mid-century, prefab buildings have taken off while there has been stagnation in the house building market. At hatch. Accelerator Ltd, we have employed the latest technologies to deliver a product that is unrivalled in quality and pricing. With little external variables such as labour or weather to contend with, our prefab buildings enable you to meet your requirements quickly.

Prefab buildings – the background

The issue with prefab buildings started when the house building market started to slow down, yet the demand did not come in line with this. With the demand set to continue to skyrocket, there is a huge shortage of properties suitable for human inhabitation and the investment is also lacking on this front. Combine these factors with a labour shortage, and you will see why prefab buildings are now the solution.

The prefab building – an effective solution

The lack of housing and property building is not being addressed effectively by property builders or the government. At hatch. Accelerator Ltd, we have decided to create a modular prefab building solution that will address the issue of housing before it snowballs into a bigger problem. We have created an efficient process that has been tested from manufacturing to the supply chain – every single level flows in perfect coordination with each other.

So how do prefab buildings really tackle the housing problem? The first thing that these buildings do is provide a housing solution for your community that fills the existing gap. With effective pricing that is designed for affordability, these buildings are affordable and can be attained using a range of different methods. Our process has been regulated and standardised in line with the NdSS regulations.

To ensure that our prefab buildings are built solidly and reliably, we have put together a formula which has been thoroughly tested. All of the different modular concepts and stages are put together in perfect synchronicity, which puts our product above others on the market. You can be certain that hatch. Accelerator Ltd’s solutions are durable and long-lasting.

All building of your new prefab buildings are done off-site, so that disruption is kept to a minimum and project deadlines are met. The benefits of this approach are plentiful as it ensures that the building goes on regardless of the weather or equipment. In addition, there will be no site noise, waste or noise to contend.

How to fund your new prefab building

Now that you are interested in prefab buildings, it is understandable if you are not sure where to find funding for your new project. Luckily for you, the team at hatch. Accelerator Ltd have a great range of funding options available for you. This starts with a project of 100-200 modules and will be tailored to suit you and your needs.

Customise the design of your prefab building

Unlike other companies or solutions, you can customise your prefab buildings. When you begin the consultation process, we will sit down and analyse your needs before showing you the vast range of options available.

About hatch. Accelerator Ltd

So who are we? Our company hatch. Accelerator Ltd began as we saw that there was a gap in the housing market and were not happy with the way it was being addressed. We devised a solution that incorporated prefab buildings as this would be the fastest and most effective way to meet the ever-growing demand.

Our company has worked hard over the years to streamline every single process from design to installation. Through our hard work, we offer our customers the chance to make 7% on their returns when they choose our company. If you are unable to secure funding or wish to find out more, our team will be more than happy to help you fill your housing needs.

What is the hatch. Accelerator Ltd formula you ask? It can be simply broken down into this – new opportunities and the creation of jobs for a percentage of the overall product.

Who are suitable for prefab buildings?

  • Housing associations
  • Public bodies
  • Local authorities

Contact us

Dial +44 (0) 3300 535 696 to speak to a representative at hatch. Accelerator Ltd and see how prefab buildings can transform your community.