Precision manufactured housing

Precision manufactured housing

The United Kingdom is suffering from a severe lack of new homes built to quality standards and the demand for new homes is forever growing. With the help of hatch. Accelerator Ltd., precision manufactured housing aims at tackling this shortage and giving the power back to the communities.  Our solutions are designed to be quick and efficient, while cutting down previous delay factors.

The housing crisis

Precision Manufactured Buildings

You are probably only too acutely aware that housing is an expensive commodity in the United Kingdom with not enough to go round. The severe lack of building to meet the insatiable demand has not helped matters as to be expected. Complete this with a shortage of both labour and property investment, this is fast becoming a problem that may not be addressed in time before it snowballs.


How precision manufactured housing helps

At hatch. Accelerator Ltd., we decided to solve this problem with precision manufactured housing. So what is this precision housing you ask? It is our way of dealing with the acute shortage that belies the housing market while staying true to our principles of affordability. The product has been standardised for efficient production and will conform to NdSS standards.

We have carefully analysed and developed a product and process that works in complete harmony with one another. This starts from the manufacturing and finishes with the supply chain. Unlike other companies on the market that may offer similar services, hatch. Accelerator Ltd. has full control over the product. We understand our market value and are committed to operating with transparency.

Choosing precision manufactured housing for your needs is a decision that you will not regret making as we finish on time and fulfil specifications. Reliability is what sets this process apart from others. How is this possible? Our formula has been made successful by the use of advanced modular for our housing components due to its longevity and durability.

What does this mean for you? All of the work is finished offsite and will be delivered together. This presents you the client with a wealth of benefits. Think about a housing project without delays. Think about a housing project with no site noise or waste. Think about precision manufactured housing today with hatch. Accelerator Ltd.

Find funding for your housing project today

Do you want to increase the level of homes in your community but struggling to get the funds? Do not worry as we provide an array of solutions that will make your dreams a reality and will start from 100 right through to 200 modules. With hatch. Accelerator Ltd.’s help, the gap in your housing will be dealt with in an effective manner.

With the use of hRPM, we bypass the labour shortage that has crippled building of homes in the United Kingdom. We are then able to give you actual deadlines that will be fulfilled to the best of our ability. Investing into the community is a forefront of our projects as we use local apprentices and create local jobs in our assembly plants.

The precision manufactured housing construction process

At hatch. Accelerator Ltd., we pride ourselves on our ability to bring many design ideas to fruition. You will be able to choose the design of your building. Our team of managers will help you realise your housing vision and make it a reality with the help of our apprentices and workers.

Who are hatch. Accelerator Ltd.?

We are a company that has the solution to the endemic housing solution in the United Kingdom, which is threatening to get worse for every year that the demand is not met. We have standardised the process too making for a more reliable product and process. There is no catch, we provide a high-performing product of a high quality. You have the option of making returns up to 7% (do discuss this with our team).

How was this made possible? A question we are often asked but it can be devised into a simple formula. A percentage of the demand, production which results in a share of profits and jobs created. We are proud to be supplying solutions that work for our communities instead of ignoring the problem.

Markets suitable for precision manufactured housing

  • Local authorities
  • Housing associations
  • Public bodies

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