Offsite manufacturing of housing

Do you require high-quality, prefabricated accommodation? Are you looking for a reputable company that provides offsite manufacturing of housing? Well if so, look no further than hatch. Accelerator for a distinguished and cost-effective company that you can trust. Why don’t you give our expert team a call today on 03300 535696, to discuss how our revolutionary offsite manufacturing of housing can reduce build times, increase quality and improve social outcomes.

Discover hatch. Accelerator’s offsite manufacturing of housing

Although modular homes are not a revolutionary type of housing option, our hatch. Accelerator advanced modular technology and design system- CliCs, certainly is. Using the latest and greatest technology for offsite building, our homes are built dynamically, using simple and repeatable componentry that has been tried and tested in a number of market sectors.

Of paramount important to us and at the core of our CLiCs system is an unwavering dedication to exceed current quality standards, deliver value for money as well as rapid production and installation. Our proficient system ensures that we can manufacture and produce cost-effective, functional modular homes promptly and efficiently time and time again. Configured with a range of standard layouts and specifications, ranging from studio flat to 1 to 3 bedrooms apartment, hatch. Accelerator have got you covered.

During the last ten years, our pioneering design and technology system for offsite manufacturing has grown from strength to strength and transformed the modular building UK industry. As a result of our progressive approach to modular housing, we’ve established hatch. Accelerator as having the following benefits:


  • Decreased cost of delivering schemes for any enterprise
  • Reduced programme duration
  • Increased consistency and enhance quality
  • Improved safety standards
  • Heightened sustainability standards
  • Standardised product for cap-ex and op-ex efficiency

To get a complete overview of our work, we encourage you to have a browse through hatch. Accelerators’ news page, which can be found on our easily navigable website. Here you will find the latest information about the technology we are using, as well as any additional information about our recent projects.

What to expect from our offsite manufacturing of housing process?

What really sets hatch. Accelerator apart from our competitors is our simplified, and shortened process of delivery, in comparison to traditional building styles and methods. Here at hatch. Accelerator we use a highly unique, four-stage manufacturing system which every modular building must go through before the project has become suitable for occupancy and is officially, hatched.

For your ease, we have broken down these four stages for you, to illustrate how our innovative offsite manufacturing of housing, has revolutionised the modular building business:


This stage of the process is entirely free of charge, and will typically take around one week. Upon receiving your inquiry, one of our specialist team will meet with you to determine your exacting desires and requirements, in addition to gathering crucial site information, unit design parameters and tenure mix.


Similarly, this stage of the process of the offsite manufacturing of your home is additionally free of charge, and we aim to allow three weeks to complete this development stage of the project. This part of the process involves an overall viability study to re-define the commitment from both the manufacturer and buyer, to the proposed project. Once commitment has been established by both parties, we will work incredibly closely to identify and discuss the design and cost options, as well as the programme and risks agreed.


Generally, this all-important stage of the process will take between 12 to 13 weeks to be completed, for an agreed upon fixed price. Now that the submission, cost, programme and risks for the build have been validated, our specialist team will get to work beginning the planning preparations for your residential modular build.


Typically, we allow up to four weeks for the mobilisation of your modular build, three months for the infrastructure to be built and three months to install and finish the project. This part is where mobilising site infrastructure can begin, as the order and agreement of your proposed modular building is rapidly approaching completion.

If you have any questions or queries about our pioneering work here at hatch. Accelerator, please do not hesitate to get in contact with our team today. However, beforehand, we recommend that you check out our FAQ page, where you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our modular buildings.

Why should you choose hatch. Accelerator as your offsite, manufacturing of housing specialist?

Here at hatch. Accelerator, we aim to provide a far superior alternative to traditional construction methods, that decrease build times, increase quality and make a real societal impact by creating jobs. Our state-of-the-art digitally designed, precision manufactured product can be completed 50% quicker than traditional methods, making it efficient at dealing with the UK’s drastic housing crisis.

As well as being doubly as quick, our innovative offsite manufacturing system ensures up to 60% fewer deliveries to site, compared to in-situ forms of construction. With minimal disturbances and a quicker schedule for completion, our offsite modular housing solutions really are the favourable option. Our holistic, ground-breaking approach to residential modular housing has been acknowledged and accredited by several industry regulatory bodies, such as the NHBC and SCI, so you can have complete peace of mind that you’re in expert hands.

It is clear to see why we are the first-class and only choice for all types of tenure, as our revolutionary method of manufacturing housing, is far better, quicker and more efficient than traditional construction methods. Whether you are looking for affordable housing, PRS, market sale and extra care/later living (HAPPI code compliant) off-site manufacture housing, we have certainly got the expertise and capabilities to help you.

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