Modular Homes

Modular Homes

Quality homes are fast becoming a rarity in the United Kingdom, and the demand has not stopped growing in any way. Rather than sitting on our laurels, at hatch. Accelerator Ltd, we have decided to take a stand on this with the help of our modular homes. These have been designed to give communities the support and power they need to address the shortage without any delay to the project.

The issue with housing

Whether you are a landlord, tenant or a member of a community, you are probably too aware how housing has become an issue within the UK. There has been a huge drop in the number of homes and properties built in the last five years as predicted would be needed even to satisfy the demand. Add on top of this issue that there has been no property investment and a labour shortage over the years.

How modular housing is the solution

You are probably wondering why or how modular homes address the issue of housing? Firstly, there is the simple provision of housing in your community, which is not happening at the present moment. The pricing of modular homes is also a huge incentive as the cost is done in accordance with our values of affordability. For complete efficiency and reliability, the whole process was regulated and standardised in accordance with NdSS regulations.

At hatch. Accelerator Ltd, we believe we have the solution to the crisis with our modular homes. Starting from the manufacturing, and ending with the supply chain, our product has been tested at every level to ensure each step flows with ease. We have sole control over our modular housing products, which means we are in control and understand how everything is put together. Lastly, we care about our product and our customers’ needs.

We have in place a successful and reliable formula which is comprised of different components. The fluidity of the components and the different stages of our employment of modular concepts has set our product apart from other options on the market. We have also brought durability and longevity to the core of our services.

You are probably thinking – “how does this benefit me?” Keep reading, and you will soon find out. A modular home is different to your normal house as all the building is done off-site. In short, there will be no delays to your building, and there will be no complaints from your neighbours about waste or site noise.

Available funding for your new modular homes

Finding the funds for your new modular homes is understandably difficult because you may not know where to go. That’s okay as at hatch. Accelerator Ltd, we have done the research for you so that you can manage the gap in your housing. Starting from 100-200 modules, there is a range of options available as well as funding provisions.


Construction process for your modular homes

In spite of the fact that we have nailed our process for modular homes, you still have the flexibility to customise the design to your wishes and needs. We have a great team of managers who will ensure that what you require is delivered on time and according to the specification.

So who are we? – hatch. Accelerator Ltd

The name hatch. Accelerator Ltd is one that will be on the tip of tongues when it comes to modular homes. It is our belief that the housing crisis in the United Kingdom is not being met effectively and that something has to be done before it is too late. We have streamlined our processes for a faster and more efficient service for you. You have the opportunity of making 7% on your returns, though we advise you discuss this with our managers during the consultation stage.

The use of a simple formula, streamlined processes and an expert eye over the whole process has made this all possible. Want to know more about our formula? It is the percentage of the product combined with the production of new jobs and opportunities.

Markets suitable for modular homes

  • Housing associations
  • Public bodies
  • Local authorities

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