Modular Building Systems

hatch. Accelerator Ltd is on a mission to create the most compelling housing delivery enterprise in the world through innovative modular building systems. We have greatly enhanced modular technology through our CLiCs system. To find out more about everything we can offer you, give us a call now on 0330 0535 696.

Our modular building systems

Here at hatch. Accelerator Ltd, we employ comprehensive modular building systems when constructing our homes. The homes are built using precision manufactured technology with a proven track record of excellence and components that enable us to produce absolutely any desired layout. Some of our standard layouts include market sale, care living, affordable housing and much more. The hatch. system self-supports up to 8 stories allowing for amazing versatility. Our systems have been accredited by LABCS, NHBS and SCI.

The components we will be using are factory built at our own manufacturing facilities. Some products are delivered through our existing supply chain. This sourcing method allows to guarantee the appropriate capacity, resilience and greater technical flexibility when it comes to meeting the requirements of our clients. The benefits of our modular building systems are as follows:

  • Decreased construction time
  • Decreased cost of delivery
  • Enhanced sustainability
  • Improved safety standards
  • Increased construction effectiveness
  • Precision manufactured components

The CLiCs is our choice when it comes to modular building systems. This highly advanced setup enables an efficient design and manufacturing process that lets us create cost-effective homes in a very quick manner without sacrificing quality.

Have a look through the rest of our website for more information about how we are changing the face of the industry. We are regularly sharing relevant news and updates. We have also pre-answered some frequently asked questions in our FAQs section.

Reasons to choose hatch. Accelerator Ltd as your modular building systems specialist

At hatch. Accelerator Ltd, we are striving to disrupt the status quo when it comes to housing delivery. We believe that if we want to create the most innovative housing enterprise on the market, our focus needs to be on accelerating the transition from traditional products to precision manufactured ones that have been digitally designed. We want our work to be done in scalable factories based within the communities they will actually be serving.

We want to become the number one deliverer for the UK housing market by discerning the various needs of clients. We work with customers in the public as well as the private sector to help them optimise their housing portfolio effectively – our solutions are second to none when it comes to cost, quality and construction time. An approach like ours enables the community to build the homes. We bring the precision manufacturing facilities while creating new jobs, embedding skills and delivering a fresh stream of revenue.

Our process is dynamic and simplified to guarantee a fast delivery of your homes, consisting of five simple processes:

  • Stage Zero (Briefing): We will meet with you in order to fully understand your requirements, gain information about the worksite and find out about the unit design parameters. This stage is free of charge and normally takes around 1 week to complete.
  • Stage One (Viability): We will discuss design options in more detail, work out the costs involved, agree on the programme and study the overall viability before making the final commitment. This stage is also free of charge and is normally finished within 3 weeks.
  • Stage Two (Planning): The key tasks during this stage will be planning the preparation, submitting the final design, agreeing the costs and validating the risks. Preparation may take up to 12 weeks and getting approval around 13 weeks. A fixed fee will be agreed prior to beginning this stage.
  • Stage Three (Delivery): During this process, hatch. Accelerator Ltd will place an order with the factory, mobilise the infrastructure of the site, deliver the works, install the modules and finally hand them over to you. Mobilisation normally takes 4 weeks, infrastructure 3 months and instalment another 3 months.
  • Stage Four (Hatched): We will train the users and carry out a review 12 months after the beginning of the occupancy.