Modular Apartments

When it comes to modular apartments and housing, there is only one company to call for a truly innovative solution and that is hatch. Ltd. Choosing our modern company means that everything will be in line with current building regulations while being made using the latest in modular technology. Don’t hesitate to give us a call on 03300 535 696 to get the ball rolling.

Our modular apartments

hatch. Ltd uses the advanced CLiCs system. This technology enables us to provide a highly effective alternative to the standard developer model. Our aim is to make a genuine social impact through our processes.

Here at hatch. Ltd, we are aiming to become the top provider for the UK housing market. Our products have been digitally designed using the latest technology, manufactured to precision and built in factories using the local workforce in an effort to promote growth in the community.

Reasons to choose modular apartments by hatch. Ltd

Modular apartments by hatch. Ltd are comprehensive building systems that have been constructed using the latest in volumetric precision technology. We are capable of creating a custom layout going up to 8 full storeys. Each and every apartment is guaranteed to be in line with all British and European regulations and they are very safe.

A key reason to choose modular apartments from hatch. Ltd is the construction speed as we are capable of erecting buildings at up to 50% faster than companies who use more traditional methods and materials. This is done without sacrificing any quality or safety.

The other great benefit is that our modular apartments are almost complete by the time they are installed. This means that the work site will not be disrupted because we will not be arranging logistics for the constant movement of materials. Once we complete the building, there will be virtually no waste on the site making the clean-up quick and simple.

Contact our modular apartments team

If you’d like to contact hatch. Ltd now to speak to one of our team members about your next project, then call us on 03300 535 696. If you would prefer to send your enquiry in writing, you can either use the contact form on our website or e-mail it over to – we’ll get back to you shortly.