hatch. Modular Homes

hatch. Modular Homes

Are you seeking an efficient, cost-effective and high-quality complete apartment building system? Look no further than hatch. Our hatch. Modular Homes comprise of simple, repeatable componentry, homes can be built in any layout for any tenure, making us your first choice for multi-storey accommodation projects. Give our friendly and highly-experienced team a call on +44 (0) 3300 535 696 to see how we can help you today.

Our hatch. Modular Homes

At hatch., we aim to build our hatch. modular homes in a fresh, dynamic way. Our modular construction is a tried and well-established method of development, which is demonstrated across many markets. We create complete apartment systems by producing standard modules and components from precision manufactured technology. Whether you’re looking for Affordable Housing, PRS, market sale and extra care/later living (HAPPI code compliant), we can help. With a self-supporting system of up to 8 storeys and line-loaded walls, we can create a mix of apartments within any block.

We’ve had ten years to perfect our system of deploying multi-storey accommodation projects. Our approach means that we’ve established a hatch.

hatch. Modular Homes

Modular Home as having the following benefits and more:

  • Decreased Programme Durations
  • Decreased Cost of Delivering Schemes
  • Standardised Product for Cap-Ex and Op-Ex Efficiency
  • Improved Safety Standards
  • Enhanced Sustainability Standards

Our factory-built components are delivered via our existing supply chain or hatch. manufacturing facilities. We believe offering multi-mode supply chain ensures resilience, capacity and flexibility to meet our client’s requirements.

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At hatch., we have invested in CLiCs, our advanced hatch. Modular homes design system for efficient design and manufacturing to produce cost-effective homes. CLiCs is architecturally designed to exceed current quality standards, provide rapid production and installation and deliver value for money. We also enable the establishment of local assembly plants.

CLiCs Configurator

At hatch., our hatch. Modular Homes are created with a range of standard layouts and specifications, ranging from studios and 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments. Each design has been developed personally by Scott Brownrigg to provide attractive and functional accommodation per Affordable and Private Rental Schemes specifications. We offer a tailored service by creating buildings that mix and match various apartments depending on the need and demand of a specific area.

Job Creation

In addition to the supply of efficient, cost-effective and high-quality homes, we aim to create local skilled jobs. From start to finish, we have designed a manufacturing process that enables local assembly plants to be established. With our wealth of experience, we’re keen to work with both Local Authorities and Housing Associations to create local assembly plants to create more jobs for the community.

In addition, our supply chain system enables the pre-fabrication of sub-assemblies and further supports local assembly. Contact our helpful and knowledgeable team today to find out how you’re interested in having a local manufacturing facility in your area.

Funding Provision

We are working with a variety of major institutions and financiers to ensure our hatch. Modular Homes can be supplied to our clients as promptly and efficiently as possible. Today, affordable housing represents approximately 20% of all residential properties in the UK. With a shortage of affordable housing, hatch. are seeking to provide a solution by helping clients access funding to purchase our products.

Why choose a hatch. Modular Home?

Our vision is to decrease build times by presenting a digitally designed, precision manufactured product that we create in scalable factories in the communities they serve. We aim to offer an alternative to the current developed model and focus on delivering real social impact with affordable housing and by creating skilled jobs. Our holistic design is recognised by official institutions, and we guarantee that our product complies with all building standards. With a specific focus on fire protection, our

In comparison to typical in-situ forms of construction, modular programmes are 50% quicker, largely independent of weather or temperature and installed practically complete. This is a favourable option for sites which require extensive logistics’ to cater for the horizontal and vertical movement of raw materials and resources. The majority of our work is carried out in our factories. Therefore disruption to the site and its surroundings are kept to a minimum. This also means we have up to 60% fewer deliveries and leave practically no waste on our site.


Contact our friendly and helpful team for more information about our hatch. Modular Homes today by calling us on on +44 (0) 3300 535 696. You can also email us at info@hatchmodular.co.uk or fill out our simple online form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.