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hatch. Housing

Are you sick of the housing shortage within the UK for quality homes? Take control today with the help of hatch. housing, which places you firmly in control. There is a gross shortage of homes within the country and there isn’t enough housing being built to cope with the sheer level of demand on the market.

The problem

Hatch. Housing

As you may be aware there is a vast shortage of quality housing to keep up with the market demand of housing, which has not been helped by the lack of building. There is an acute labour shortage and investment to ensure that the current level of homes required is built in time before the demand becomes greater than before.

Our housing solution

So how did we at hatch. come up with a solution for this shortage of homes? We have developed a standardised product that is far different to what is on offer on the market. What we offer does not steer from our commitment to deliver affordable hatch. housing for all. You will be pleased to know that our housing conforms to all NdSS standards.

We have complete control over our product and this flexibility enables us to understand market value, like few other companies on the market can. Every part of our process from design, manufacturing to the supply chain has been carefully aligned together for complete synchronisation. The beauty of our aligned processes is that we operate with complete transparency.

When you choose hatch. housing, you can rest easy knowing that we deliver on time and according to your specification. Our aligned processes make sure that reliability is a key factor from start to finish. We use a highly advanced modular construction in our housing as this is a proven method that has worked time and time again.

All work is completed offsite and delivered together, the benefits of this are many – the first of which is that there are no delays right through to a reduction in site noise and waste.

If you are a community looking to take control of your own housing, we help to make this possible. From 100 to 200 modular homes, you will be able to build a whole suite of apartments that fills the housing gap.

Funding for hatch. housing

It is our modus operandi to tackle the housing need, and make it possible for communities like yours to find the funding it needs through different funding schemes. We also help in the creation of apprenticeships and jobs from the local assembly plant to manufacturing homes. This is possible due to hRPM – we use it to position the attendant investment and income flowing into your project.

We have found hRPM is an effective way of addressing labour shortages and ensuring that projects are delivered on time instead of contributing to the problem, we have done our best to solve it using our own materials.


Construction of your hatch. housing will rely solely on the design selected by you and our team. With full capabilities and deliverables at your disposal, you will wonder why you never chose our company before. We have a team of expert managers who are experts in achieving our vision across our whole line; they co-ordinate the efforts of our semi-skilled workers and apprentices.

Who are hatch.?

We are focused on solving the housing shortage that has plagued the UK’s housing market, and have come up with a solution by standardising the housing product. Too often, designs are riddled with errors or too many flaws, with a tried-and-tested product, you can relax knowing that it will perform. The benefits of this are far-reaching for you as we deliver faster and of a better quality. There is also the chance for you to make 7% returns.

How did we do this? It is quite easy really, we devised a simple formula – hatch. and a percentage of your demand, production = jobs created and share of profits.

As Industry disruptors, we fully believe that this is the way forward of addressing the problem that affects our local communities.

If you have any further questions, we have a team that is more than happy to talk you through the questions that you have.

Our markets

  • Local authorities
  • Housing associations
  • Public bodies

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For further information, call +44 (0) 3300 535 696 now and speak to a member of our team.