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Are you looking for a modular building that utilises the latest technological advancements in order to create amazing structures that adhere to all building regulations? You can stop your search now that you’ve found hatch. homes. Call us today on 03300 535 696 to discuss your requirements with a team member now.

Our hatch. homes

Traditional housing delivery is known to take a very long time. This is why hatch. decided to devise a plan in creating their hatch. homes that would:

Hatch Homes
  • Greatly reduce building times 
  • Significantly increase the build quality
  • Improve the social outcomes of the process

hatch homes are complete apartment building systems that have been produced from standard modules and components using volumetric precision technology. They are built using simple components that can be used to produce any desired layout. The system will support itself up to 8 stories that will enable any mix of apartments within a block.

There are many benefits to choosing a modular building over more traditional options. The most obvious reason people pick a hatch. modular building is the speed at which it can be constructed – sometimes up to 50% faster than the alternatives. Our modular units are installed practically complete which means that the need to arrange logistics for the constant movement of raw materials is minimised. The overall site disruption will be kept to a minimum with a modular building and there will be practically no waste on the site once the construction process is complete.

The modular buildings that hatch. offers are designed for a warm frame application. The structure is assembled from cold rolled galvanised sections with an external insulation layer in place. Walls and floors in warm frame applications are generally not at risk of water ingress or condensation for up to 250 years. Insulated roof structures are at a low to no risk of condensation for around 200 years.

Reasons to choose our new hatch. homes

Our plan is to become the leading provider for the entire UK housing market. We plan to achieve this aim by creating a compelling enterprise that accelerates the transition to a product that is digitally designed, precision manufactured and constructed in factories within the communities they will be serving.

This is now being made a reality by using modular technology that has been tried and tested but improving it by creating an advanced system – the CLiCs. We will now be able to offer an alternative to the more traditional developer model by focusing on making a social impact via building our affordable hatch. homes in communities and creating skilled jobs through the usage of local assembly plants.

All hatch. homes are guaranteed to conform to current building regulations as well as British and European standards. Modern modular buildings like the ones we offer are extremely safe using this technology because extensive research has been carried out to guarantee their security. This has resulted in the production of standardised detailed instructions that can easily be followed during the construction process.

A significant advantage that multi storey modular buildings have over all other forms of traditional construction is that they are delivered to the site with 99% of the fire cladding in place. This makes them completely safe in the building phase – they will not be prone to fire damage that is especially prevalent in timber frame construction.