hatch. have invested in CLiCs, an advanced modular design system to enable efficient design and manufacturing to provide rapid cost effective homes, in a seamless and timely way. Our holistic process has been carefully considered to minimise the elapse of time from determining the need to physical delivery.

CLiCs is architecturally designed to:

  • Exceeding current quality standards
  • Provide rapid production and installation
  • Delivering value for money
  • Enable the establishment of local assembly plants

CLiCs Overview.

CLiCs is a light gauge steel volumetric system designed for multi-storey affordable and private rented accommodation, utilising a standard design system for a range of predetermined building styles.

The CLiCs standard internal formats can be mix and matched to meet the demand.

The hatch. CLiCs system has been designed to provide cost effective accommodation for social housing in line with the technical housing standards and our unique light gauge steel frame system has achieved SCI/NHBC Stage 1 certification.

  • A light gauge modular building system with unique features to ensure a quality performance and value for money.
  • A range of external treatments to enable the building to compliment the environment.
  • Rapid planning preparation and submission.
  • Short manufacturing lead times.
  • Rapid site deployment – all weather solution.
  • Short on site times – majority of the work is accomplished at the factory.
  • Design to minimise Health & Safety Risks.


CLiCs principles


Holistic layout designed to meet the nationally described space standard.


Modular units designed to maximise transportable volume and minimise on site completion.


Best in class fire/acoustic performance.


Floors to provide a solid feel and are fully insulated.


Optimised flexibility to enable future layout modifications.


Wall on wall side wall construction to aid multi storey load bearing ability up to 10 storeys.


2.5m internal ceiling height in units, 2.3m ceiling height in circulation zones.