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Our response to the Government’s Housing White Paper

There is a well used phrase regarding insanity, it would be sadly ironic to requote it in relation to the Government’s Housing White Paper “Fixing our Broken Housing Market”. We at hatch. can always applaud ideas based on experiences good and bad – indeed it is the basis on which our company is founded. However, solid foundations are only part of the story in creating quality affordable homes for all and the ability to deliver a range of tenures efficiently yet cost effectively through an agile supply chain is essential.

The White Paper recognises that two constituent parts of the current approach are not working; the inability of Local Authorities to deliver the quantum of Affordable Housing required; and their reliance on the top ten housebuilders or Housing Associations to meet the gap. Change is essential and this change needs to happen across the sector to ensure a fairer outcome.

hatch. has been established to help make such a step change. Our aim is to offer an alternative to the existing developer model and to focus on delivering real social impact by building homes for communities using local assembly plants to create jobs. We also have the hatch. Funding Provision capabilities to make this a reality.